• fantastic_71

    The Fantastic Show #71

    On The Fantastic Show #71, Daveo is joined by fashion designer Aiden Dinardo and Lacey Gaga. ...

  • trt_101

    Transition Radio TV #101

    On Transition Radio TV #101, Mark interviews Cianán B. Russell, a lapsed PhD chemist, writer, public speaker, trainer, activist, and assessment expert whose passions in activism are trans masculine re...

  • trt_100

    Transition Radio TV #100

    On Transition Radio TV #100, Mark interviews Tasha Lee, a fruitarian, health coach, and author. ...

  • fantastic_70

    The Fantastic Show #70

    On The Fantastic Show #70, Daveo shows some of his favorite videos, and takes calls from viewers and listeners on Gay Life TV and Radio. ...

  • sns_40

    STR8/NOTSTR8 #40

    On STR8/NOTSTR8 #40, Gay Couple Sue DMV Over Driver’s License Names, Un-Golden Years: Gay baby boomer retirees face worse financial hurdles than straight peers, Kid’s Gay Porn Mural Is Proof Tha...

  • gltvnews_120214

    GLTV News: December 5, 2014

    In the news this week a gay couple sued Florida department of motor vehicles for revoking drivers’ licenses they said they received by showing their marriage license from New York, The 2014 Gay ...

  • sns_39

    STR8/NOTSTR8 #39

    On STR8/NOTSTR8 #39, Louisiana Club Declares It Is “Not A Gay Bar,” Gets Served By Internets, Florida man watching gay porn busted for assaulting male passerby, Gay killing game ‘Ass Hunter̵...

  • trt_99

    Transition Radio TV #99

    On Transition Radio TV #99, Mark interviews Lou Anne Smoot. After spending 60 years living what most Southern Baptists would consider a “normal life” which included marrying and raising four children,...

  • inside_gltv_1_1280

    Inside GLTV #1

    On the premiere edition of Inside GLTV, David Stanton shows you how to clean a vintage Ramsa Mixer. ...

  • fantastic_69

    The Fantastic Show #69

    On The Fantastic Show #69, Daveo is joined by co-host Lola La’bella. ...

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Does The Mormon Church Support A Statewide Law Banning Anti-LGBT Discrimination In Utah?

The Mormon church published a statement on its website Friday — under the category “Mormons ...

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Wingnut Rick Wiles: God Won’t Save Us From Nuclear Holocaust Because of All the Gay People – LISTEN

End Times fruitcake radio host Rick Wiles is worried that come the apocalypse, god will ...

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Washington State Supreme Court Hears Arguments Against Anti-gay Florist Barronelle Stutzman

In 2013 Baronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers, turned away gay couple Curt Freed ...

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Texas’ First LGBTQA Geek Convention, HavenCon, Is Coming To Austin in 2015: VIDEO

Next spring Texas is getting its first geek convention geared towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and ...

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Madonna Tops The Charts In 36 Countries

Madonna has reason to celebrate tonight because the music she released from her forthcoming record, ...

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Madonna Releases Six New Songs To iTunes

Okay, so I am taking a break from blogging until next month, but I had ...

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Video Premiere: Jaust – “We Need A New Life” featuring James Dean Wells

Jaust, a New Zealand born producer who is now based in Los Angeles, has premiered ...

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Lost & Found: Nona Gaye – “I’m Overjoyed”

Like most children, Nona Gaye, the daughter of soul music legend Marvin Gaye and granddaughter ...

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